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“Andrea has become an expert on physical fitness, nutrition, Ayurvedic cooking and medicines. She has become, through her hospice work, an “angel” guiding her terminally ill clients on the most sacred of journeys into the great mystery. She has helped both men and women embrace their inner God and Goddess. She has been a steward in the service of the environment and mother earth. She is also a loving mother and friend. I feel blessed she has touched mine.”

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~Stuart Bloom PhD, MFT


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The mission of The HeartWay is to manifest healing, education, and consciousness that is inspired by the preciousness of human life.

The primary focus is an integrative approach to the healing of body, mind, and spirit. For those confronting a life-threatening illness, critical lifestyle changes, or caring for someone with a critical illness, finding conscious and compassionate physical, emotional, and spiritual support for deep healing is imperative. The HeartWay uses extensive experience gathered from more than two decades of guiding the dying, intensive training, nutritional, and physical, emotional, and spiritual education. The Heartway provides face-to-face, telephone, and internet opportunities for assistance, education, resources, and hands-on support to manifest healing.

  1. Bulletin the integration of all the dimensions of living, dying and the transformation through support services, education, and hands-on care

  2. Bulletin advocating for the soul by restoring a life affirming and transformative relationship to living and dying

  3. Bulletthat each day we can choose which path to head down that can lead us to health, quality of life, peace, and consciousness

  4. Bulletin empowering individuals to develop responsible principles and practices in living and dying in hopes of restoring to those individuals compassion, peace, and pleasure

  1. Bulletis a conscientious organization not driven by profit

  2. Bulletprovides compassionate, integrative, and comprehensive care plans

  3. Bulletstrives to strengthen the bodies, and hearts of those during life transitions

  4. Bulletis devoted to enhancing quality of life through healing, education, and conscious  raising

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Andrea Deerheart is the passionate founder of The HeartWay.  Using wisdom gathered from decades of guiding the living and dying, Andrea has provided loving care and healing for those on the journey of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying.

Andrea’s primary work and teaching focuses on supporting mindful and compassionate care as well as issues related to wellness, nutritional healing, death and dying, and grief and loss. She lovingly shares the precious gifts offered by her teachers - which especially include the hundreds who have allowed her to companion them in their most vulnerable and sacred times of suffering and dying. In addition, she offers several diverse programs for living a more loving and compassionate life emphasizing the relevance of lessons-learned surrounding death.

Andrea has a very diverse education background beginning at San Diego State University, receiving a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Sociology.  Her studies took a dramatic shift, after several years in the field of Marketing Development, when she became a Hospice Volunteer. This work touched her soul and changed her life forever.  She has spent the past twenty-five years working in her personally designed field of Conscious Living and Conscious Dying.   Andrea is currently a Doctoral candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute where her studies have focused on mythology, depth psychology, comparative religions, and death, dying and beyond. She also has interest, with more than twenty-five years teaching at local universities, in the fields of nutrition and body mechanics. Andrea is a sought-after consultant, writer, and poet in her fields of expertise.

Andrea Deerheart is a wonderful and loving mother of a beautiful daughter and resides in Southern California.


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